Greater Sydney Parklands | engaging with you
3 women and a child on a bridge in a Sydney park


A NSW Government agency, Greater Sydney Parklands is the city-wide voice for Greater Sydney’s urban parks, oversees more than 6,000 hectares of parklands across Sydney and hosts over 40 million visits each year.

The priority for Greater Sydney Parklands is to:

  • Develop new ways to involve Sydneysiders in meeting local community needs
  • To expand, connect and improve public green space and parklands
  • To reinforce Sydney’s global reputation as a ‘city within a park’.

In partnership with communities, state and federal government agencies, and local councils, we will champion the NSW Government’s 50-Year Vision for Greater Sydney’s Open Space and Parklands.

The new Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Act 2022 commenced on 1 July 2022. One of the first priorities is the establishment of a Consultation and Engagement Framework for Greater Sydney Parklands, supported by community trustee boards for each of our five parks. This is an opportunity for the community to get involved and to help shape the future of our parklands.

Engagement is at the heart of everything we do at Greater Sydney Parklands – from the way we communicate to the way we make decisions. We believe that clear communications and effective engagement are critical to the work we do. Understanding our visitors and communities is important to us as we work to deliver the vision for Sydney to become a ‘city within a park’.

Greater Sydney Parklands’ approach is informed by:

  • Customer focus – we place the customer at the centre of everything we do
  • Collaboration – we value each other and create better outcomes by working together
  • Integrity – we take responsibility and communicate openly
  • Safety – we prioritise safety for our people and our customers
  • Solutions – we deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to NSW’s active transport needs.

Vision and recent achievements

Visit the Greater Sydney Parklands webpage to find out more about us and our parks. You can also find out more about our recent achievements, including the 50-Year Vision for Greater Sydney’s Open Space and Parklands, the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Act 2022 and our Year in Review Report using the links below.


Greater Sydney Parklands brings together some of Sydney’s most iconic parks: